Sina Forouzi

As an innovative community economic developer and employment specialist with the social
service sector, Sina works with community members, organizations, educational institutions,
and various industry partners to negotiate employment, skills training, entrepreneurship and
development solutions in a current, pluralistic and sustainable manner.
25 years of working in not-for-profit organizations, consulting management industry, and higher
education institutions, has enabled Sina with a global vision to facilitate empowering and
collaborative platforms for innovative and resolute economic settlements for diverse
individuals and communities in the GTA areas.
Sina holds a BA degree in computer science and a diploma in Career & Wok Counselling. He has
attended a MIS and is currently seeking a graduate program in Interdisciplinary Design Studies
that aims at connecting innovation, design and development. His advocacy in aging population
and environmental issues and mental health field is a keen interest as well as a commitment.