Nutrition Education Programs

  • Balanced Diet & Meal Planning

    Professional nutritionists assist with meal planning that are appropriate for various age groups and contain ingredients that are seasonally accessible and economically affordable. Individual and group sessions are frequently held to encourage a community approach to healthy eating.

  • Weight Management Programs

    Health practitioners and volunteer nurses lead group discussions about weight management strategies that are attainable and self manageable.  Volunteer nurses assist with creating a healthy menu plans for individuals who face challenges to develop and monitor such plans.

  • Budget and Menu Planning

    Chefs are often invited to prepare meals on site that are enjoyable and easy to make.  These events are well attended and often lead to innovative and culturally familiar recipe development.

  • Diabetes Prevention and Management

    In partnership with Family Health Teams and neighbouring Community Health Centres we offer regular workshops on prevention of diabetes  by observing a healthy diet and life style, regular exercise and regular social life.

Wellness Program:

  • Weekly Movement and Yoga Classes

    Yoga classes are among our highly desired programs that are regularly offered on weekly basis.

  • Stress Management and Mental Health Awareness Sessions

    Mental health and stress management is part of our agenda, especially for newcomers who are faced by settlement challenges in their adopted country. Mental health professionals assist our clients and program participants to receive information and guidance.

  • Peer Support Sessions

    We provide sessions for parents with teenages to develop strategies to succeed at parenting adolescents and lead a healthy family life with effective communication.

  • Therapeutic and Enrichment Arts and Crafts Classes

    Volunteer artists lead programs for enrichment and a therapeutic meliu in jewelry making, painting, calligraphy  and choir singing.

  • Creative & Memoire Writing Classes

    We have started regular writing sessions with our seniors program as a means of preserving their migration history and a healthy reflection on their life’s journey.

  • Inter-generational Programs

    Adopt a grandchild/grandparent is currently being experimented between high school students and seniors.

  • Films and Cultural Exploration Programs

    Films of intellectual, historic, and mental health genre are regularly screened to promote community conversations in any of the given subjects.

  • Newcomer Referral Services

    Films of intellectual, historic, and mental health genre are regularly screened to promote community conversations in any of the given subjects.

Weekly Educational Workshops:

  • Fall Prevention

  • Osteoporosis

  • Prevention of Dementia

  • Leisure and Nature Walks

  • Podiatry Services

Civic Engagement

  • We provide education on citizens’ rights and responsibilities about participating in the federal, provincial and municipal governments.
    We also provide information on the boundaries and services that are unique to each government panel.

Youth Leading Youth

  • We recruit and assign young leaders in the community with different sets of skills to teach their peers and act as role models and mentors. Qualified young leaders are selected by providing references and through very careful considerations.