I2CRC is an independent not-for-profit organization that contributes to building strong communities by engaging, animating, and supporting urban newcomer communities to fully participate and integrate in an active and vibrant cross cultural hub.

A healthy, empowered, involved, inclusive and caring community mosaic.
Provide a range of opportunities, programs and services to engage and strengthen community leadership towards a forward and inclusive citizenry.

    I2CRC embraces equity and diversity and applies an anti-oppression framework to all of its programs and practices.


    I2CRC provides programs, services and resources on evidence based needs assessments and seeks advice from its members, partners and community stakeholders in order to be responsive to ongoing social changes.


    I2CRC is committed to accountability and transparency to its members, partners and stakeholders through optimal use of resources and ongoing effective communication.


    I2CRC provides outcome based programs and services and is committed to fostering a culture of innovation and responsiveness.


    I2CRC  is committed to community capacity building in order to enhance community leadership, resiliency, and advancement of social change.

  • Access to wellness and healthy living programs

  • Facilitate support groups and workshops on mental health, health, nutrition and parenting

  • Focus on seniors, women and youth programs and services

  • Promote active and independent living

  • Engage in promotion of mental health and anti-stigmatization ensure food security, social inclusion, peer support programs

  • Provide comprehensive online resources

  • Provide support services to tenants, underemployed and marginalized individuals and communities

  • Support newcomer families and individuals

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Intercultural Iranian Canadian Resource Centre

A collaborative, engaged and diverse community to share and develop competencies and provide enhanced access to resources for its constituencies in order to accomplish their full potential to enjoy an enriched and fulfilling life.